About GyanBahan

Sarkar Kabiruddin narrated in বাংলা about GyanBahan and its goals. 

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GyanBahan (জ্ঞানবাহন) is a Bangla term for Knowledge Carrier. ‘Gyan’ (জ্ঞান) means Knowledge and ‘Bahan’ (বাহন) means Carrier. The carrier of knowledge simply means delivering knowledge via two modes of transportation: land and water. On land, GyanBahan is a vehicle on the road, a compartment in a train; on water, it is a boat or a cabin in a ship.

The goal of GyanBahan is to promote competency-based flexible lifelong learning opportunities for people. GyanBahan employs unemployed educated youth to drive the vehicle. He or she is known as ‘GyanBahok’ and ‘news collector’). ‘Gyan Bisheshoggo’ means Knowledge Experts who volunteer to share experiences with people to improve every aspect of their lives.

If you would like to start a GyanBahan (the Knowledge Carrier) in your community, please email at: gyanbahanbd @gmail.com



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